If you've seen one or more postcards you'd like to buy, make a note of the number and wait until Friday 16th May, between 6.30 and 10.30pm.  Then grab your credit card and telephone 020 7735 3231.   There might be great demand so please be patient and keep trying!

You can continue to buy postcards in person or by telephone on Saturday 17th May (10am-4pm) and then by telephone only on Monday 19th May, from 10am.

You will need to check the website before calling, or have a few postcards in reserve, because the one you have your eye on might have been sold!  As postcards are sold a 'Sold' sign will appear in the Gallery in place of their catalogue number.

Alternatively, come along to Gillions Art (map) in person and buy and collect your favourite cards on the spot.

Please Note:  All Postcards cost 35.00.  Postcards bought by telephone can only be paid for by credit card and there is an additional 1.O0 handling charge per card (but postage and packing is free!)  If you are buying in person, you can also pay by cash or cheque.

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