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Secret Postcard Sale Gallery

From Friday 16th May-Monday 19th May 2008 we held our 3rd Secret Postcard Sale to raise money for our continued work developing music therapy in Romania.

We displayed a collection of postcards, each an original miniature, available to buy for 35 each. The ‘Secret’ of the sale was that the postcards were displayed anonymously and so the identity of the artist wasn't known until it was in the hands of the buyer, when the signature was revealed on the back.

After a hectic evening launch at Gillions Gallery and a steady stream of visitors and telephone buyers thereafter, we sold a total of 114 postcards, raising 2,800 in the process!  A huge amount like this makes an enormous difference to a small charity like us.  Thank you so much to everyone who joined in.

You can still view the collection online and we are now pleased to reveal the names of the artists who made this Fundraising Event what it was.  Do take a look and see whose art you admired and you could always consider commissioning your own work from the artists responsible...

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